We also provide a comprehensive weight loss program that is tailored to each individual using cultural practices, eating habits, and exercise routines evolving from your current routine. We take you back to the basics and teach you how to eat, exercise, and live so you can lead a healthy life to the fullest degree! With our unique program, you won't be left feeling hungry, you get to eat without having to cut any foods from your diet, you won't be forced to buy expensive meals from us or be forced to rely on hormones and unnecessary medications. Our system is set up to provide ongoing support each step of the way, so you have the success you deserve!


  • We provide one on one consultations for nutrition counseling
  • We customize personal meal plans to suit you
  • We use a 15 point body evaluation system to track progress
  • We provide B12 injections for a boost of energy
  • We provide personalized exercise plans that fit your level of fitness and lifestyle needs
  • We encourage weekly and biweekly follow up appointments for ongoing success


With a team of medical assistants, our registered dietitian, and our physician you will get all the support you need in a comforting, compassionate manner. We know it can be difficult to lose weight, but with our program, you are guaranteed success! Call today to start your weight loss journey in our effective weight loss program.

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